Quality Sheet

The Kitchen Destination Quality Sheet

Please review The Kitchen Destination’s standard sheet for specifics on the coverage extended in our five-year warranty. As mentioned in our warranty, The Kitchen Destination retains the right to modify said standard sheet at any time.

Generally, our RMA department will request a photographic proof of defects, or in some cases, request item be sent back for examination. However, The Kitchen Destination reserves the right to send a representative down to view damages and determine liability. Method of proof is determined solely by the discretion of Fabuwood’s RMA department.

All items sent for return are subject to evaluation by our RMA department. Items deemed not to be defective will not be eligible for credit or coverage under our warranty.

Keep in mind that credits for returns are not given until items arrive in The Kitchen Destination’s facility or adequate photographic proof is supplied. Dealer will be charged for replacement items and credit will only be given at such time that proof is received and deemed acceptable.

Center Panel Shrinkage

Because expansion and shrinkage is expected with all natural wood products, defects cannot be determined until six months of settling time have passed. Once six months have passed since installation, excessive shrinkage should be discussed with our RMA department.

  • Wood by nature, may experience some expansion or shrinkage over time. Therefore, center panels that experience shrinkage up to 1/8” are not considered defective.
  • Cabinetry should be kept in climate-controlled areas only. As clearly stated in our warranty, products exposed to extreme moisture, excessive heat or cold, are not covered by The Kitchen Destination.
  • For natural shrinkage that exceeds 1/8”, please contact The Kitchen Destination for a touch up kit.

Warped Doors

Variances and a minimal amount of warping can be expected with natural wood products.

  • Doors warped up to ¼” are not considered defective.
  • Panels and moldings are not considered defective unless warping exceeds 2”.
  • On many occasions, what appears as a door defect may easily be resolved by adjusting the hinges. Please examine and adjust your hinges before claiming The Kitchen Destination’s limited warranty.

Hinges, Slides, and Ball Bearings

Before determining your hardware as defective, please review our installation instructions and make sure they are properly installed. For hardware considered defective, please follow The Kitchen Destination’s RMA protocol.

Hairline Cracks

Wood, by nature, may experience a standard amount of expansion and shrinkage; as such, hairline cracks in painted doors may occur.

  • Hairline cracks through which no wood is visible, are not considered defects covered by The Kitchen Destination’s five-year warranty.

 Grains and Color Variances

All cabinetry should be inspected for cosmetic defects before being drilled for hardware. Once holes are made, The Kitchen Destination will no longer be held liable for any color variances on new cabinets.

  • Wood products feature natural grains of varying shades. These characteristics are determined by nature and are in no way considered a defect in the product.
  • Glaze is an applied finish which may feature slight variances in shading, evenness or thickness. These are common features of glaze and are not considered a defect.
  • Due to natural differences found in wood, cabinets may vary in color, texture and grain. Varied shading in cabinetry stains are to be expected and are not considered a defect.
  • The Kitchen Destination will not be held accountable for color variances due to sunlight, UV light, or atmospheric conditions.

For variances that fall outside of the above criteria. Please email us at thekitchendestination@gmail.com. The Kitchen Destination RMA department will review all concerns and determine if said variance is considered a defect.


For accessories that have color variances, size differences, or any other concern, please file and RMA report and send requested pictures or merchandise to The Kitchen Destination.


The Kitchen Destination is committed to providing quality products and excellent service and will work with customers until satisfied. However, once a cabinet leaves our facility, The Kitchen Destination does not accept returns unless they fall under the provisions made in our warranty.